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  • Capacitive Touch SensorMore>>
    Support multiple customization requirements, with a size of 3 "to 86". Customizable glass cover shapes, color logo screen printing, single point multi touch, flat wire shapes, IC/hardware, cover material, surface treatment, waterproofing, glove mode, decoration, and more.
  • Resistive screenMore>>
    Low cost, anti electromagnetic interference, stable and reliable. It can provide solutions for applications that have both cost considerations but are not suitable for capacitive screens.
  • Thin film switchMore>>
    Flexible membrane switches are one of the common human-machine interface products. We offer a variety of product categories and options for home appliances, industrial, and medical applications.
  • LCD instrument panelMore>>
    Multi view mode, mobile phone on the same screen, driving data display, car information display, Bluetooth phone display and answering, rear view image after reversing, multimedia information display in 30 atmosphere light colors, maintenance reminder, information text/alarm information/fault information prompt
Zhenming Technology Co.,LTD
Shenzhen Zhenming Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research, development, production, and sales. It is committed to providing various human-computer interface products and touch control solutions to customers at home and abroad. The company has introduced advanced membrane switch production technology and equipment from Europe, and is one of the early manufacturers of touch screens in China. At the same time, it is also one of the early manufacturers in the industry that produced medium to large size and ultra large size capacitive screens in batches. Our company currently has a self built factory area of 12000 square meters, with a construction area of 30000 square meters. Our company has a professional and efficient work team composed of more than 500 employees, providing customers with a comprehensive range of high-quality services.

Home Appliances

Touch screens for household appliances are typically high-end luxury items, typically high-end kitchen appliances or large installation equipment.

Industrial Control

Touch screens for industrial use have high requirements in terms of reliability, durability, and the ability to work under various adverse conditions. Due to the high requirements of the operating environment, it is very common for debugging and strengthening to allow the use of gloves, impact resistance, vibration, and EMI resistance. The cover plate is usually thicker to improve durability and impact resistance


Touch screens are widely used in retail, kiosks, and point of sale (POS) applications. In recent years, they have experienced significant growth due to their ability to achieve simpler processes, higher automation, and self-service capabilities.

Education and Communication

Volkswagen B8 Maiteng 12.3 inch 1920 * 720 HD full LCD dashboard. Multi-view mode, mobile phone on the same screen, driving data display, car information display, Bluetooth phone display and answering, rear view image after reversing, 30 atmosphere light colors, multimedia information display, maintenance reminder, information text/alarm information/fault information prompt, alarm light/indicator light

Digital Signage

The 12.3 inch 1920 * 720 HD BOE original display screen is simple to install, stable and reliable. Built-in mobile phone projection screen, multiple languages, unit settings, driving mode settings, display of all fault lights, as well as passive settings and information alerts, display of all original vehicle data, support for OTA remote upgrades, etc. Body data 1:1 mold reproduction. Piano paint, wear-resistant UV, perfect match with the car body.

Factory display
Factory display
Factory display
Factory display
Factory display
Factory display
Medical display touch screen
From simple hand-held diagnostic devices to highly automated medical devices, touch screens can enable medical personnel to free themselves from the shackles of a mouse and keyboard and operate medical devices with their hands or gloves.
Smart home display screen
Smart home display touch screens are widely used in villas, residential hotels, commercial centers, office buildings, commercial centers, and so on.
What is the difference between a LCD dashboard and a regular one?
With the continuous development of automotive production technology, liquid crystal instrument panels have gradually replaced mechanical instrument panels. It can be seen that liquid crystal instrument panels have also been recognized by consumers, so it is still necessary to install liquid crystal instrument panels
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