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Medical display touch screen


In the medical industry, touch screens can enable medical personnel to free themselves from the shackles of mice and keyboards, and operate medical devices with their hands or gloves. The touch devices they use are required to be simple and accurate to operate, and resistant to alcohol disinfection, wiping, and cleaning. And a medical device product from a concept to production is a very complex process. Zhenming has extensive technical research and development capabilities and rich professional knowledge, and can provide technical support and assistance for your touch screen applications throughout the entire research and development process. From simple hand-held diagnostic devices to highly automated medical devices, we have provided many types of medical device project support to customers in the research and development and production of medical devices industry.

At Zhenming, we understand the importance of using reliable and durable touch screens in the medical field. So whether you are upgrading an old product or developing a new medical device product, we can help you choose a suitable touch screen based on your different product requirements.

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