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What are the advantages of capacitive touch screens over resistive touch screens?


Touch screens are divided into two types: capacitive and resistive. What are the advantages of capacitive touch screens compared to resistive touch? The following editor lists the advantages of some capacitive touch screens one by one

The capacitive touch screen only needs to be touched, without the need to press like a resistive touch to generate a signal.

"After production, capacitive touch screens only need to be corrected once or once, while resistive touch processes require routine correction.".

"Due to the fact that the components in the capacitive touch screen do not need to be moved, the capacitive solution has a longer lifespan.". In resistive touch screens, the upper ITO film needs to be thin enough to be elastic in order to bend downward to contact the lower ITO film.

Capacitive touch screen technology is superior to resistive technology in terms of light loss and system power consumption.

The choice of capacitive or resistive technology mainly depends on the object of the touch screen. If you touch with your fingers, a capacitive touch screen is a better choice. If you need a stylus, whether it's plastic or metal, a resistive touch screen can handle it. A capacitive touch screen display can also use a stylus, but requires a special stylus to match.

6. Surface capacitive touch screens can be used for large size touch screens with low phase ratios, but do not support gesture recognition: Inductive capacitive touch screens are mainly used for small and medium-sized touch screens, and can support gesture recognition.

7. The capacitive touch screen technology has the advantages of abrasion resistance, long service life, and low maintenance costs, which can further reduce the overall operating costs of manufacturers.

8. The capacitive touch screen supports multi touch technology, which is different from resistive touch screens in that it is slow and difficult to wear.

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