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Comprehensively explain the full fit technology of capacitive touch screens


As we all know, capacitive touch screens have two types of bonding: full bonding technology (G+G) and frame bonding. The display effects of these two fitting processes on our finished products are also different.

Today, co creators share one of two processes:

Full Fit:

Full bonding process for capacitive touch screens - The direct bonding parts of TP and LCM include the VA area (i.e., the viewing area) and the parts outside the VA area.

What are the advantages of the full fit process used for capacitive touch screens?

1. The capacitive touch screen uses a full fit process technology to eliminate air between the screens, which helps reduce reflection between the display panel and glass, making the screen appear more transparent and enhancing the display effect of the screen.

2. The screen using full fit technology will not enter the gray layer, and customer assembly is also relatively convenient.

Using full fit technology can effectively reduce the interference caused by the noise of the display panel on the touch signal.

4. For manufacturers, adopting full fit technology can reduce the appearance of internal lines on the touch screen (background shadow reduction).

5. The use of full fit technology can also make the display image more clear and thorough, and the image quality more vivid; Let consumers experience the realism of high brightness and high image quality.

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