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Touch screen processing

Touch screens made of glass are prone to breakage, scratches, or other damage. Be careful when handling to prevent injury to other objects or people. The following are general operating guidelines:
When handling panels, it is recommended to wear gloves to prevent fingerprints, dirt, or particles from leaving on the glass, and to avoid injury to people due to the sharp edges of the glass.
• When handling the panel, please hold the glass edge and face the film upward to avoid scratches or dirt on the film.
• When assembling a glass panel, do not bend or twist the panel excessively; This may cause deformation of the panel.
• When working on FPC or COF, excessive pulling or tensioning operations should be prohibited or avoided
During assembly, the tail should not be folded or bent too much. The recommended minimum bending radius is 3 mm. The touch panel must not be fixed by FPC or COF.
Once the touch screen is removed from its original packaging, do not stack it, as the edges may cause scratches
• Do not stack heavy objects on the touch screen.
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