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What is the difference between a LCD dashboard and a regular one?


With the continuous development of automotive production technology, automotive LCD dashboard has gradually replaced mechanical dashboard, which shows that LCD dashboard has also been recognized by consumers, so it is still necessary to install LCD dashboard.

After using the full LCD dashboard in cars, you can not only see more content, but also improve the quality of the car, which is very helpful for improving the overall feeling of the car. Therefore, many cars use the full LCD dashboard.

The advantage of the full LCD dashboard is that it can make the interior of the car look more cool, while enhancing the technical sense of the interior, and also increasing the driver's experience in driving the car.

Compared to mechanical dashboards, full LCD dashboards display more comprehensive information, which to some extent meets the needs of modern consumers for the use of cars. Traditional dashboards can only complete some simple information statistics. LCD dashboards can not only display the rotational speed of the engine and the driving speed of the car, but also display maps, weather, and other information, which also unconsciously increases the driver's experience of using the car.

The full LCD instrument panel generally has a navigation display, through which you can view the map, further improving driving safety.

What is the difference between a LCD dashboard and a regular one?

The LCD instrument panel is actually a display screen. The biggest difference between this type of instrument panel and a mechanical instrument panel lies in the display effect and content. The display effect of the LCD dashboard is more cool, and the information that can be displayed is more abundant. Because this is a LCD screen, it is possible to display anything.

Many cars equipped with an LCD dashboard display a map on the dashboard during navigation, so the driver does not need to look at the center console screen.

Many luxury cars will be equipped with LCD dashboards, which will gradually replace mechanical dashboards.

Many cars owned by BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen are using LCD dashboards on a large scale.

With the development of technology, LCD dashboard will also be replaced, and in the future, head up display will be widely used.

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